Diane did my permanent eyeliner and it is beautiful. I hate putting on makeup, especially eyeliner, ugh! I am a full time student and also work full time so I rarely have time to put on my makeup. Now all I have to do is put on a little mascara and it’s done. I look good all the time! ~ Lillian


“I love my permanent eyeliner! I have fair skin and very fine, short eyelashes, so without makeup my eyes looked “bald”. Permanent eyeliner has given me the freedom to get up and go, even when I don’t have time to put on makeup.”


Diane did an incredible job! She started by doing my Eyeliner and I was blown away by how beautiful it was. It looked so good and made my life so much more convenient that I had to have my brows and lips done also.
My brows had been done by someone else previously, and Diane helped to correct their poor shape. Do not go anywhere else! You will regret it! Diane is a true artist. ~Gail


Diane was so great! She was very patient! I knew generally what I wanted to achieve with my permanent makeup, I just didn’t know how to explain it. Diane totally took her time in showing me examples, drawing everything on just as I wanted it and repeating back to me what she planned to do. She put so much effort into every little bit of her work on me. I just love it!! I wanted a very natural enhancement on both my eyes and lips and that’s exactly what I ended up with! It is exactly what I needed! ”


Diane, thank you again. I’m usually one to act on impulse at times and regret it later, so thank god you did an awesome job on my eyebrows! I appreciate it and WILL be back. It’s hard to trust people in this world today. I have no problem referring you. I am very honest and think you deserve it! THANKS AGAIN! ~Erin


Diane’s permanent makeup has made a remarkable and wonderful difference in my life. I can be more spontaneous now, and I am more comfortable with my appearance. It takes me a lot less time to put myself together each day to face the world. Diane, who also did a fantastic job on my permanent eyeliner and lips is a real “find”. She is highly creative, patient, and skilled, combining technical ability with a finely tuned artistic eye. She takes time to explain the process thoroughly. She is also a perfectionist, which is something I really appreciate when someone is working on my face. Finally, Diane is a sweet, outgoing person — a real “people-person” — which makes being her client a delight.
Oh, one more thing. I’m sure you are wondering, does it hurt Yes… Some. But Diane uses a magical topical anesthetic to make the process more than bearable. And is it worth a little pain? Absolutely! And for recovery… I went right back to work! People always ask me how I do my makeup so beautiful every day… there is no guess work anymore. It is simply one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.~Darlene

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