Shaping Brows an excellent, natural option

Whether you’re used to a more maintained brow look or are in need of some extra TLC in the arch department, eyebrow threading is an excellent, natural option for hair removal. With its origins in Asia centuries ago, eyebrow threading is a simple process that is often considered to be one of the best options for shaping brows. But if you’ve ever seen it in action and have wondered how a single piece of thread (held in the practitioner’s mouth) can transform arches in mere minutes, allow us to explain.

The process

The threading process is quite simple and typically involves a single piece of cotton thread, according to Diane, the founder of Diane’s Permanent Makeup salon. After wiping the eyebrow area clean, the thread is “twisted and pulled along areas of unwanted hair acting like a mini-lasso, lifting the hair follicle directly from the root without the use of any chemicals or unnecessary tugging on delicate skin,” she explains.
One of the most common methods of threading is with the long strand of cotton thread — held in one end of the mouth, says Diane. “The thread is twisted in order to efficiently roll over the skin to individually pluck the roots of unwanted hair,” she says. While there are many different threading methods, Diane says this is the most practiced technique.

5 Reasons Threading is Better Than Waxing

If you have unwanted facial hair, you may have used waxing as your preferred removal method. Unfortunately, waxing is harsh on sensitive skin and can cause chemical burns and skin damage. Not to mention the fact that many of the chemicals contained in traditional wax formulas are dangerous for your health.

5 Reasons

  • 1.No Dangerous Chemicals
    Store-bought and salon wax contains harsh chemicals that are bad for your health. These ingredients include resins, carcinogenic parabens, artificial fragrances, and dangerous dyes.
    With threading, you don’t have to worry about any of that. The removal method uses only pure organic cotton threads and nothing more
  • 2.Good for Sensitive Skin
    Those with sensitive skin often struggle with hair removal due to chemical reactions and skin damage. Waxing, depilatory creams, and even tweezing can leave skin red, raw, and inflamed.
    With threading, there is little contact with the skin so there is no skin damage. It’s an ideal alternative to waxing for those on prescription acne medications as skin is thinner and more prone to sensitivity in those areas.
  • 3. Works Faster
    Another great thing about eyebrow threading is it works much faster than plucking. Instead of pulling each individual hair out one by one, threading grabs one line of hair at once, removing it instantly.
    Threading eyebrows and other unwanted facial hair is faster than sugaring and even natural waxing methods because there is no wait time for anything to dry or harden. The hair is just gone.
  • 4. Lasts Longer
    Another great thing about threading versus waxing is it lasts much longer. After eyebrow threading, your hair will be gone for 3-4 weeks.
  • 5.Better Overall Value
    With traditional salon waxing, your unwanted facial hair (and some of your skin) gets yanked out and you’re sent on your way; oftentimes with painful skin burns and watering eyes.
    With eyebrow threading, the process is quick, less painful, and lasts longer. Threading eyebrows also beats waxing for the attractive arch and shape you get the moment you step away from the chair.
    Does eyebrow threading hurt? About as much as plucking and it’s much faster so you’ll spend less time feeling it. It takes about 1-2 sessions to get used to threading and once you do, you’ll never want to go back to waxing again!