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They look and feel natural

Lash lifts are taking the beauty world by storm. They look and feel natural, can last 6-8 weeks depending on your growth cycle, and they make your life so much easier. So what can you expect during this treatment? A lash lift is not as extensive of a process compared to getting lash extensions, but for that reason, the results are softer and more natural as opposed to glam and dramatic. However, that’s not to say the results aren’t totally life-changing!

Open your eyes

Lash lifts are a semi-permanent lift and curl treatment that elevate your natural lashes and instantly open your eyes. First, your lash specialist will assess your lid shape, because even though we are working with your natural lashes as opposed to adding onto them, it’s still very much a custom job. There are several different types of curls, and the right curl for you is decided upon observing and noting your lids and natural growth pattern, natural length, and your lashes’ natural response to manual curling.

The Process

This might be a surprise to you—that lash lifts are not a one-size-fits-all task to bend the eyelashes against the forces of gravity, but we take this art very seriously, and understand that not all eyelashes are created equal and thus won’t yield the same results. Once we’ve decided which curl is right for you and discussed it openly so that you know what to expect, we wash and dry your lashes to prep them for the solution. Before the lifting solution is applied to your lashes, we use a safe, gentle adhesive to apply silicon shields on your eyelids to protect them, as well as give your eyelashes a landing place to absorb and react to the curling solution. The pad is chosen based on the curl shape as well, so customization is key throughout the entire process.

Amazing Results

Your lash specialist will then comb your lashes up, using the gentle adhesive to secure them to the pad. Now they are ready for the big step, the application of the curling solution responsible for the amazing results! The solution only needs to remain on your lashes for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on your lashes’ ability to respond to a curl. Finally, a setting lotion is applied, which sets the curl and gives your lashes a fortified feeling that locks in the newly lifted curl. After the setting lotion is applied, this is the time to add a tint, if you want!
The process in total takes about an hour, and only requires you to lay back and relax during that time and enjoy our personalized salon.