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Q: How long does permanent makeup really last?

A: While the title “permanent” does imply that permanent makeup would last forever in its perfect condition, but this is not entirely true. Permanent makeup is permanent in the way that you will wake up every morning with it on your face. While permanent makeup does last a long time, generally three to seven years,...
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Q: What does a permanent makeup procedure feel like? Will it hurt at all?

A: The amount of discomfort experienced during the application process depends on the area being treated, the application method used, and your personal pain threshold. For my clients, I use topical anesthetics to minimize any discomfort felt during the process to make the permanent makeup procedure as pain-free and stress-free as possible. The anesthetics I...
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Eyeliner Removal

It seems that most of my work in the last 6 months and I mean most of it has been removal of bad eyeliner and eyebrows. Please do your homework before laying down on someones table who you have not researched. Please contact me if you need advice. My cell is 407.325.8697...
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